The History of the Farm

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The farm can be traced back though its title deeds to 1836 and it’s original owners decendant still lives in Robertson.  The town was founded in 1853 and named after the Scottish Dutch Reformed Church Minister, Dr William Robertson. Situated in the fertile Robertson Valley, farming and wagon building were the town’s original industries. However, after the Second Anglo Boer War of 1899 of 1899, the wagon building industry collapsed when the railways  took over the transport of all goods.

Robertson subsequently became famous for its ostrich farming, but this industry collapsed as well shortly after  World War 1 and thus the farmers of the area turned to wine and fruit farming. Later, several successful racehorse stud farms were founded. Agriculture remains the mainstay of the town’s economy up to the present day.

It was bought by the present owners in 2010 where it had previously operated as a  stud farm. The original farm has been subdivided over the years and presently the portion which Zandrivier is located on comprises 983 hectares or approximately 2400 acres. It is a working farm that produces 40 tonnes of peaches (2 varieties) over 4 hectares from and 120 tonnes of plums over 14 hectares (6 varieties). Harvesting season runs from Mid November through to the end of March.

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